Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MBTA suddenly figures out how to operate in the black

According to the Boston Globe, MBTA officials said today that they can eliminate a projected deficit of more than $130 million for the coming year. And they say they can do it without raising fares or reducing services.

As described by General Manager Richard A. Davey, the Big Plan includes: leasing the parking garage at North Station, selling long-term parking revenue at other garages to investors, and selling more advertising on T-owned billboards, the T's website, and on those stupid little CharlieCards.

Davey did not offer an explanation of why his organization failed to think of any of these rather simple solutions before the T amassed debt of approximately 9 billion dollars.

1 comment:

  1. It's one thing to put a bloody advertisement on every possible surface, but the last thing the MBTA should be doing is pawning off fixed assets as a quick fix for budget shortfalls. Particularly when it's in turn going to decrease revenue and/or increase expenses in the future making the deficit that much worse for the rest of eternity...